2010: A Symphony of Violence

Every gunshot and explosion from 2010’s videos, edited together in a rapid-fire montage. It’s freddiew, condensed!

Alternate title was “2010: A Violence Odyssey”

Some statistics from 2010:

– Surprisingly, of the 44 videos we uploaded in 2010, only 16 were “gun” videos.
– There are 933 cuts in this video.
– In 2010, we produced 88 minutes and 33 seconds of total content, at an average of two minutes, per video. Anyone want a DVD?
– This year, I told one of my friends to “slap me as hard as you can” on three different occasions.

Orchestral tuning sound used under a CC Sampling+ 1.0 License. Original sound by gelo_papas

Inspired by Brian Firenzi’s excellent T2: Muzzle Spray:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIUbvoKho9A