FreddieW (Legacy)
Season 2010 - Episode 10

50k Giveaway!

It’s time for another RANDOM ROCK GIVEAWAY!

Don’t remember the last one? Check it out here:

Here’s the skinny:

When I reach 51,000 subscribers, I’m going to tweet (, annotate the video,
and put up the phone number of a cell phone that you can call. I will be on the other end.

If I pick up, you need to tell me in EXACTLY 10 WORDS why I suck. Yes, I’m serious. We can chat about
other stuff too, but your entry is those ten words.

I’ll be recording these calls, so by calling you agree to allow me to use your YouTube username
and voice in a future video. After my 60 minutes of talk time are up, the window is forever closed.

Obviously all these rules are subject to change at my sole discretion, and everything I send out
is at my sole discretion blah blah blah. Don’t worry though – I’m a cool dude. And you can bet that
not only will I be giving out a lot of stuff, it’ll be some pretty cool stuff!

Also, I don’t know what this phone will do if it gets hammered with calls. Keep an eye out for
a possible Plan B if the phone fails on me!

Good luck everyone!