Don’t F With My Cream

Ice cream, dawg. Seriously. Don’t. Bad things will happen.

Thanks to Mr. Frostie down in San Diego for allowing us to film there! They got the best soft serve I’ve ever had – check them out at 1470 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109!

The original plan for the ending of this video was to have shots of me hanging off the back of the truck, and then feature a giant car explosion which was going to be a piece of stock footage we were looking at. Turns out that clip costs $1500 to use, so we had to resort to plan B – good ol’ fashioned violence!

This is also a clip where the shots at the end were originally twice as long, but they were so ridiculously violent that we trimmed them down. One day we may post the uncensored version, as it is pretty brutal, but it definitely changes the tone of the whole video.

“F” stands for “futz”!