FreddieW (Legacy)
Season 2008 - Episode 3

How to make your YouTube video 720p HD widescreen (and keeping it that way!)

My YouTube 101 Tutorial:

Want to have your video HD and widescreen? Make sure your output is 720p, i.e. 1280×720. You’re also going to want to compress it so you aren’t uploading a huge file – use h.264 at 1500-2500 kbps.

For more detailed instructions, click here:…

After you upload, be patient – YouTube needs time to process it before it throws up the “Watch in HD” link.

I use Final Cut Pro and a smattering of After Effects when necessary. Music/Sound is Logic. But remember! The program doesn’t make your movie for you – if you’ve got the fundamentals down, you could use iMovie on an old iMac and still rock faces.

Stupid YouTube wanting to revert to 4:3 resolution. Sometimes you gotta use some FORCE.

Featured in Hong Kong. That’s because Hong Kong knows what’s up.

Chief Armoror Brandon Laatsch and Black Bar Wrangler Matt Arnold once again to the rescue for this one.