Hypnosis with Kevin Pollak (ft. Statham and Walken)

My friend Brian hypnotizes our friend Dan into all sorts of ridiculous situations, while award winning actor Kevin Pollak lends a hand with some of his talent in improv and impressions.

Special guests Jason Statham and Christopher Walken! Sort of.

This video has been months in the making. Special thanks to Kevin Pollak for lending his time and going with our crazy idea. Check out his weekly chat show at http://kevinpollakschatshow.com

Also special thanks to Ethan Newberry ( http://youtube.com/thesampler ) for coming to our hypnosis dry run sessions and acting against Dan. Also thanks to Jimmy Wong, Wong Fu Productions, Dom, David Welch, and everyone else who helped in the creation process.

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A Conversation with Kevin Pollak

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Induction Sequence (un-edited)

To answer some questions –

– We are not professional hypnotists – my friend Brian and I both did it when we were in college with our friends for fun.

– Hypnosis like you see in movies is totally fake

– All it takes to hypnotize someone is to relax them and follow an induction script (try Googling one, or clicking above to see Brian’s)

– Dan is hypnotized. Through monumental effort, we managed to keep Kevin Pollak’s appearance a complete secret to him, and when Kevin first stepped out, Dan didn’t break out of it.

– The total length of the hypnosis session was about 40 minutes, so this video has been edited down for time and comedy (Brian doesn’t count down from 10 – we cut in at 3, for example). Pollak did additional bits as Columbo, William Shatner, and Daniel Craig that were cut for time. If you want to see the full session, let me know in the comments below!

– We had some friends over to observe the hypnosis. That’s what the background laughter is.

Finally, one of the weird physical side effects of hypnosis that you can see in this video is if you look closely, his pupils are all dilated despite it being a well lit room. We have no idea why this happens, but it’s kind of cool.