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Season 2009 - Episode 1

Our Parents’ Money: The Perils of Private Universities – The NYC Kimmel Protest Remix

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Article on the protest:…

On February 19th, dozens of NYU students barricaded themselves in a cafeteria.

At the top of their demands, they asked for amnesty for all the students involved. They also asked for stuff about financial transparency and scholarships to students from Gaza.

But most importantly, they wanted to make sure they didn’t get in trouble.

Marksism from the Awful Forums had this to say:

“Let’s do some math: a semester at NYU costs roughly $19,000 for the sake of even numbers. That’s $38,000 a year. There are about 50 or so students here. Barring some with scholarships, they are paying a total of about $1,900,000 yearly…

Take, for example, SUNY Purchase. It’s also a decent school, not far from NYC. A semester there costs $2,890, or $5,780 a year. A yearly savings vs. NYU, per student: $13,220.

Now, if only 10 students, just 1/5 of this protest group switched colleges and were able to give the difference away, they would total $132,200. That’s enough for just almost 7 Gaza students to attend NYU. Or almost 23 students to Purchase.”

Join me on an audio visual journey through the eyes of a generation that wishes it was the 70s all over again – the first generation to ever envy all the cool political stuff their parents got to do.

Come on guys! You make sweet dudes like me who use a Macbook to do sweet stuff and not look up vegan recipes all day long look like a total dweebo!