Resident Evil: Down With the Sickness

Inspired by RE6 – There’s no hope left for the Rocket Jump gang as a deadly virus is unleashed upon the Earth by a deadly terrorist force.  The dead walk again and they’re hungry for BRAAAAINS!  Team up with the RocketJumpers to fight your way out alive before you become zombie flesh food.  Remember, it’s all fun and games until someone gets their face ripped off.

Are you down with the sickness?


Special Thanks to Capcom and Resident Evil 6 for sponsoring this sup-D-duper video project; and, letting us mine their lush franchise history.  We had an absolute blast making this thing!!


Written & Directed by Desmond Dolly

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Produced by Benji Dolly, Matt Arnold & Lissette Schuster

Executive Produced by RocketJump Studios


Benji Dolly

Clinton Jones

Ethan Newberry

Freddie Wong

Leeana Vamp



Kevin Comerford

Kevin Senzaki

Kevin Lipnos

Wren Weichman

Spencer Skoglund

Devin White

Jessie Frahm

Matthew Arnold


Cole Mueller

Jay Hackwell


Cinematographer – Adam Bricker

Production Designers – Desmond Dolly & Amanda Manklang

Editors – Nick Weidner, Kevin Lipnos, Desmond Dolly

Makeup and Creature Effects by Shelia Mia Seifi & Jessie Frahm

Music Composer – Jimmy Wong

Special Sound Design by Kevin Senzaki


Camera Operator – Elie Smolkin

B-Camera Operators – Clinton Jones & Matthew Arnold

1st AC – Charlie Panian

2nd AC – Matt Laroche

Gaffer – Zack Savitz

Best Boy Electric – Stuart Lock

Electric – Ricardo Cruz

Key Grip – Armondo Colunga

Best Boy Grip – Oswald Colunga

Production Sound Recordists – Kevin Senzaki & Jay Hackwell

VFX Dept. Head – Kevin Comerford

Colorist – Narbeh Tatoussian

PA – Darnell Murphy, Michael Medina, Alan Kent

Special Thanks:

Mom and Dad, Capcom, 47 Communications, Joe Blasco Professional Make-up Training Centers, Sarah Rednour,  Corridor Digital, 3 Guys and A Red (3GR), Jon Salmon, Blacklist Productions, and everyone who sacrificed their time to make this possible.  Very very extra special thanks to Capcom and the Resident Evil franchise for many many years of kick-ass game-play!