FreddieW (Legacy)
Season 2009 - Episode 2

Rocking out on a Red camera in slow motion (2k resolution at 100 fps)

I am committed to only bringing my viewers PREMIUM QUALITY CONTENT! This video is all about my hair pretty much. The strobing is due to the crappy fluorescent lighting in the motel room.

Watch in HD – it’s the whole point! This was shot on the Red digital camera in super slow-mo at 2k. This video is very likely the most frivolous footage ever shot on a Red camera, aka the Cadillac of digital cameras. It is certainly YouTube’s most expensive vanity video.

The camera was rented last weekend to shoot a short film my friend Kevin Klauber ( ) wrote and directed. The film’s director of photography was my friend Jon Salmon ( ), who you may know as the guy who directed/shot the MGMT Kids video:

Both those dudes are rad dudes so you should consider subscribing to their work!

We were bored the night before the shoot and decided to get some rad slow mo footage in the motel room. Even at 4x slower than real time, I believe the intensity of my rocking out shines like a radiant star in the depths of space.

The music is provided by beat legends The Forbidden Blingdom. Check out their MySpace at

I rock a guitar solo on the track they have up right now.