See a movie with Freddie! (Season of the Witch)

Once again, Nicholas Cage has gifted the world with yet another cinematic masterwork.

I happen to unironically love Nick Cage movies, and I wanted to share the joy of his insanity with you all by having a group viewing of Season of the Witch, which comes out everywhere on Friday, January 7th.

Then, on Sunday, January 9th, we’ll have a group live chat to talk about the flick, as well as YouTube and anything else you guys want to discuss. Of course, you don’t HAVE to see the movie to join us in the live chat, but I’m definitely going to be talking about it.

Follow me on Twitter to know when and where we’re doing the chat – probably on and probably on Sunday evening, Pacific Time.

Here’s the trailer without my lol commentary and Ron Perlman triple headbutting dudes:

Not enough Cage for you?

STILL not enough Cage?

Also the fact that they DIDN’T do a triple take of Perlman’s headbutt in the real trailer means they should be hiring me to cut trailers.