Speed Enforced by Aircraft

Directed by: Clinton Jones

A pregnant couple puts the pedal to the metal on their way to the hospital. Unfortunately for them, they fail to heed an ominous roadside warning: SPEED ENFORCED BY AIRCRAFT.

Gabriel Palma
Catherine Farrington Garcia
Adina Harari

Big shout out to Indy Mogul for creating the awesome baby prop! See how they made it here: https://youtu.be/ZrHFR2TP3iU

Stunt Coordinators – Joe Fidler, Tim Garris
Set Medic – Jason Albanese
Music – Casey Edwards
Sound Design – Kevin Senzaki
VFX – Clinton Jones
Color – Ellary Porterfield
Producer – Cherish Chen

Thanks to Ultimate Graveyard for the awesome location!

Special thanks to Aaron Ehlers for helping us find a jet!

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