This Week At RocketJump
Season 2015 - Episode 3

The World’s Largest Ball Pit!

Freddie Wong and Roman Atwood team up for the ultimate ball pit prank. What happens next will surprise you.

More episodes of This Week at RocketJump coming soon!

Directed by Jon Karmen
Written by Jake Andrews and Jon Karmen
Produced by Ashim Ahuja
Cinematography by Sargon Saadi
Original Score by Anthony Baldino
Sound by Kevin Senzaki
Pirate Music by John Robert Matz
VFX by Eli Cuevas and Clinton Jones
Pirate VFX by Playfight
Art by Zachary Smith
Costume Design by Layne McGovern
Additional Camera – Nathan Koepp
1st AC – Alicia Varela
Key Grip – Dom D’Astice
PAs – Chris Higgaroni and Michael Tenango

Special Thanks to
Roman Atwood
Will Campos
Nate Farrington
Mario Garcia
Jamie Lukaszewski
Andrew Morris
Matthew Steinbeck
Mike Symonds