Video Game High School
Season 1 - Episode 1

Shot Heard Round the World

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It’s only 10 minutes?

The entire show is 2 hours long, spit into 9 episodes. Our episode lengths range from 8 minutes to 20 minutes – and since we’re online, there’s no such thing as minimum running times, which allows each episode to be exactly as long as it needs to be.

Is it only going to be First Person Shooting?

Only? No. Primarily? Yes.

There are many reasons for this – here are some of them.

  1. We are trying to tell a story – not create a 2-hour long internet spoof film. We love video games. We have been playing them forever, and most of us are NOT huge FPS fans. However, to tell a story you need to have some foundational elements be consistent. (You wouldn’t do Friday Night Lights and have the coach also be a teacher, be a banker, head of chess club, and play golf on the weekends). Our story is about a kid named BrianD finding his way, growing up, and making friends. He is an FPS player, so the show is primarily about FPS. But don’t worry – that’s only the focus this season – we’re planning on branching out as the series continues.
  2. We could have made BrianD play another game. Believe me, if this show could be 80% drift racing, it would have been. Unfortunately our budget is limited and we can’t afford to go mega Speed Racer on this (except for one super awesome episode).
  3. We film to our strengths. For our first big project like this, we took a lot of risks. However, sometimes you have to know what you are best at, and right now, we know gunfights.
  4. We like gunfights. Almost everyone involved in this is a John Woo fan, a Mann fan, or weirdly into gun terminology (*cough* Freddie). We love cinematic gunfights. We wanted to make a goofy high school show and combine it with awesome gunfights. That is a dream come true for us.