Video Game High School
Season 1 - Episode 4

Any Game in the House

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The Party Episode. The Drift Episode. DK’s Arrival. Coconut Cake Catastrophe. The Stache Attack.

Episode 4 has always been one of our favorites. It is also the episode that has changed the least from the original draft. The party is a staple in any high school movie, and hopefully you enjoy the VGHS twist.

We have some huge special thanks for this episode –

First off, thanks to Monster Energy  and Vaughn Gittin Jr. We originally had no idea how we could possibly shoot the drift sequence (and racing games in general) on our small budget. Rather than cut them out of the script, we decided to forge ahead, hoping we’d figure it out in production. Monster Energy stepped up and sponsored everything surrounding the drift shoot, and Vaughn drove his car like a master. We all took turns in the passenger seat, and I think we all can safely say we wish the shoot was more than a day. And that we could drive our cars sideways.

Check out Vaughn’s Facebook Page and follow him on Twitter (@VaughnGittinJr)

Also, a huge thanks to The Protomen for allowing us to use their incredible music free of charge.

If you enjoyed the kickin’ tunes in this episode (and if you didn’t, I have nothing to say to you) than you must check out their two albums –

The Protomen (iTunes | Amazon) & Act II: The Father of Death (iTunes | Amazon)