Video Game High School
Season 1 - Episode 9

It’s All About the Game

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Old friends return. A second chance. A first for Brian.

Season 1 of VGHS comes to a close in the most epic episode yet. We hope you enjoyed BrianD’s journey, and be sure to stick around, for exciting things will be coming down the pipeline.

As for VGHS, this will not be the last. We have more stories to tell, and a whole world to explore.

Thanks for the donations, for the support, for being a great audience, and most importantly –


And once again, we need to thank THE PROTOMEN! If you thought the tune during Brian’s final moment was incredible (which it was) than you must check out their two albums. That song is from Their Second Album and it is called “The Fall” –

The Protomen (iTunes | Amazon) & Act II: The Father of Death (iTunes | Amazon)