Video Game High School – Season 3 Campaign

THANK YOU everyone who donated, shared, and tuned in to our insane live stream on Friday- we did it! We’re so thankful for your support and we absolutely cannot wait to bring you our best season of VGHS ever!

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We had so much fun goofing off, playing games, and talking to our cast and crew about the next season. If you missed our live stream, here are a couple highlights! And for those of you who won prizes, we’ll be reaching out to you shortly to get your info!

Benji was our charming host

Benji was our charming host

Good ol' sibling rivalry

Good ol’ sibling rivalry

And of course, Benji got thrown through a table after we reached our goal. What a good sport!

You guys are seriously the best. Stay tuned for more VGHS updates and awesome shorts on our web site!