Facerocker Podcast
Season 2015 - Episode 100

The End of an Era

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It’s been a long ride, but today we present the 100th and FINAL episode of the Facerocker Podcast. We want to thank all of you for hanging with us each week as we jack our jaws and find an excuse to hang out with our friends. For today’s episode we take a trip down memory lane with the OG’s of the Facerocker Podcast. Freddie, Dez, Matt, and Logan share stories of what life was like back at their old apartment complex when the show began. The guys also take some time expressing what bits of knowledge they have picked up along the way that if given the opportunity would share with their former selves. It’s been quite the journey and again we can’t thank you all enough for hanging out with us each week on the Facerocker Podcast!

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