Facerocker Podcast
Episode 22


We sit with FilmCritHulk, author of some of the best filmmaking articles and reviews on the entirety of the internet. We talk CISPA7, the difference between IQ, EQ, and CQ, crippling fear of doctors, Angelina, the video game robot (and can robots be “creative”), and finally, FilmCritHulk’s philosophy behind his reviews. All in all, a super smarty pants podcast this week.

Check out FilmCritHulk’s work here! Looking for a place to start? Check out Never Hate a Movie and Acting 101

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IQ, CQ, and EQ

Using Twitter to predict if you’re getting sick

Field Programmable Gate Arrays – Teaching a machine how to learn

String Theory and M-Theory

Imagining in the 10th Dimension


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